Our Work

END SEPSIS: Our name is our mission. We work to end the 270,000 preventable deaths and hundreds of thousands of devastating disabilities that result from sepsis each year.

We envision a world where every young person understands sepsis as a medical emergency, recognizes its signs, and can confidently advocate for their own care and the care of others; where patients are met in clinics and hospitals by medical professionals who are trained to recognize and treat sepsis rapidly and thoroughly. Our work is guided by this vision and centers on five primary areas:

  1.  The development and implementation of mandatory protocols to ensure the rapid diagnosis and treatment of sepsis in every hospital in the country;
  2. Providing comprehensive sepsis education to every school-age child in the country;
  3. Raising awareness of sepsis so that the public has the knowledge it needs to prevent infections occurring and to secure medical assistance before it’s too late;
  4. Hosting the annual National Forum on Sepsis;
  5. Supporting those impacted by sepsis through the National Family Council on Sepsis.

Key Successes to Date.

  • The establishment of mandatory sepsis protocols, known as Rory’s Regulations, in New York State, which have resulted in a 40% reduction in pediatric sepsis deaths and more than 5,000 adults lives saved to date;
  • The passage of Rory’s Staunton’s Law which requires that all New York State school children to receive comprehensive K-12 sepsis education, developed by End Sepsis, and that all healthcare workers in the state receive sepsis training;
  • Successfully advocating for the creation of a multiyear sepsis education campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and increased funding for sepsis in the federal budget;
  • The creation of the National Family Council on Sepsis with members in every state;
  • The establishment of the annual National Forum on Sepsis, the most important event on the sepsis calendar in the United States, which brings together leaders in government, health care, academia, and patient advocacy;
  • The creation of the Maternal Sepsis Initiative, funded in part by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which aims to end the maternal sepsis crisis in New York State and beyond.

Dr. Konrad Reinhart

Dr. Konrad Reinhart

“No family in the world has done more in the fight against sepsis than the Stauntons”


Founding President, Global Sepsis Alliance