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April Chavez Survived Maternal Sepsis – Barely

April Chavez survived maternal sepsis following the birth of her son, Cruz.

In her own words, “The very first time I ever heard the word sepsis was just over three years ago as I came out of a medically induced coma… After the birth of my son, I began to feel terrible. I complained to numerous doctors of symptoms that all pointed to sepsis but I was brushed off and told I was just anxious about being a new mom…”

April is not alone. Maternal sepsis is the third leading cause of maternal death, despite being preventable and treatable in most cases. Her story also highlights the importance of being one’s own advocate in a medical environment. Speaking up to experts and questioning a diagnosis can be hard – but you know your body and when something doesn’t feel right. You have every right to ask questions and to have information communicated to you clearly in language that you can understand.

Listen to April’s story and learn the signs of sepsis and the importance of self advocacy – it could save tour life.