We work to put an end to preventable deaths from sepsis.

End Sepsis
  • Who We Are

    END SEPSIS is a movement of families and individuals who demand better infection education and hospital safety measures to ensure there are no more needles deaths from sepsis.

  • Advocacy

    Be the change. At END SEPSIS, we work to ensure that every American understands the causes of sepsis, recognizes its signs, and feels empowered to act when sepsis is suspected.

  • Governor Cuomo


    Sepsis protocols have been proven to reduce deaths from sepsis and lower healthcare costs. The implementation of sepsis protocols in every hospital in the country is a central mission of End Sepsis.

  • The Solutions Are Not Being Implemented–Read Our Editorial

    “That proven solutions to this crisis exist and are not being implemented is unconscionable. We call on the medical and public health community to step up and meet this challenge.” At END SEPSIS, we remain committed to seeing evidence-based sepsis protocols implemented in every hospital in the United States and beyond. As the leading sepsis advocacy […]

  • Wall Street Journal

    I Gave Birth. The Most Dangerous Part Came After.

    Laura Kusisto, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, recounts her terrifying battle with maternal sepsis in the days after giving birth to her son: “There were so many strange things going on with my body after giving birth that I missed this warning sign…. …The night I was admitted to the hospital, when I […]

  • Presenting Our Maternal Sepsis PSA!

    As part of our initiative to end deaths from sepsis for new moms and pregnant women, we’ve created a new public service announcement! It includes the information you need to know about maternal sepsis – in under two minutes! We invite you to view and share our PSA here – it could save your life […]

  • 1.5M

    1,500,00 Americans get sepsis annually.
  • 1 in 3 patients who die in a hospital have sepsis.
  • 270K

    270,000 Americans die from sepsis every year.