Public Awareness

Sepsis kills more Americans than breast cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS, and opioid overdoses combined. Yet up to 80% of sepsis deaths are preventable. Raising awareness of sepsis and its symptoms is critical to reducing the catastrophic sepsis death rate. At End Sepsis, we work to ensure that every American understands the causes of sepsis, recognizes its signs, and feels empowered to act when sepsis is suspected.

End Sepsis develops campaigns, tools, and resources to educate the public about the dangers and signs of sepsis and to empower individuals to share this lifesaving knowledge in their communities. Visit our Resources and Videos pages to tools to help educate your community. To request hardcopies of print materials, contact us.



“My little boy was sick this week and because of your campaign, I asked more question and trusted my gut more than I would have previously. He did not have sepsis but because of your work, I didn’t stop until I knew that definitively!”

Mom & End Sepsis Supporter