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Sepsis Awareness Months
This September, Start a Conversation About Sepsis

September 1st marks the beginning of Sepsis Awareness Month.

We ask that this month you talk to someone about sepsis. Tell them your story or a story about sepsis that affected you–or share what you know about keeping your loved ones safe from sepsis.

My story is the story of my beautiful healthy son Rory who died at 12 years of age as the result of an infection he received from a small cut on his elbow that he got playing basketball. I had never heard of sepsis before he died and I promised then to tell his story to save lives. I tell people about infection because in order to become septic you must first have an infection–and I tell them any infection can cause sepsis. Sepsis is life-threatening. Start a conversation with your teachers about sepsis, talk to your children about infection and empower those you love through meaningful conversation.