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Ciaran Staunton to Give Keynote Berlin Sepsis Summit

Rory Staunton’s father, Ciaran, will give the keynote address about Rory’s Regulations  at the first Berlin Sepsis Summit on Sept. 9, 2013 at the invitation of Prof K. Reinhart, Chairman of the Global Sepsis Alliance.

The Berlin Sepsis Summit will see the launch of a national campaign in Germany to prevent Sepsis deaths which kill some 60,000 people annually and costs the German state about 5 billion Euros every year.

Ciaran will speak about Rory’s Regulations, a new series of Sepsis protocols which were signed into law by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this year.

Rory’s Regulations were named in honor of Staunton’s 12-year-old son Rory who died tragically of Sepsis in a New York hospital on April 1, 2012.

Rory’s Regulations mandates New York State hospitals to pro-actively identify and treat sepsis before it turns fatal.  New York has become the first government in the world to mandate sepsis regulations.

Rory’s parents Ciaran and Orlaith  have campaigned  tirelessly since Rory’s death to try and prevent more families from suffering their devastating loss.

They have appeared on the Today Show, the  Dr Oz Show and Rory’s story has been featured in The New York Times, Irish Central, Irish America Magazine, and many other major publications.

Rory’s mother Orlaith has spoken directly with Vice President Joe Biden on the issue and Rory’s father, Ciaran has previously addressed other conferences in the U.S including the Diagnosis Errors in Medicine Conference at Johns Hopkins Hospital in November last year.

Sepsis, which can be treated if diagnosed in time, kills more Americans than Aids each year and costs the U.S. economy $16 billion annually.

Rory’s father Ciaran says the Rory Staunton Foundation is determined to raise worldwide awareness about Sepsis. “It is the biggest killer of children worldwide,” he says.

The Rory Staunton Foundation are proud members of the Global Sepsis Alliance and our aim is to spread Sepsis awareness and ensure that fewer lives are lost to this silent killer.