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Cheryl Douglass: Sepsis Surviver

We honor all survivors of Sepsis. Cheryl Douglas is one such survivor. Cheryl became ill in 2008 and she shares her story in order to create awareness and save lives from sepsis.

In 2008 Cheryl thought she was coming down with something, like a flu. Her last memory was walking through the front door of her home following a short shopping trip. She has no memory of what happened in the next seven weeks. According to her husband’s account, he drove her to the ER and waited six hours before doctors realized she had contracted sepsis and was going into septic shock. At that point she was transferred to a larger hospital.

The next several weeks Cheryl lay in the ICU in a chemically induced coma. A doctor was standing at her bedside when she awakened. She informed her that both her arms below the elbow and her feet below the knees were amputated due to the effects of sepsis. Cheryl had survived sepsis, but she was now a quadrilateral amputee.

To hear more on Cheryl’s story please listen to her video below and read her story here.