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Learn the Symptoms of Sepsis in Children

No child should die from an infection. In the United States, 40,000 children are hospitalized with sepsis each year. Of those, 5,000 will die and 38% of survivors will sustain lifelong disabilities. Globally there are an estimated 20 million cases of sepsis in children. 2.9 million sepsis deaths are of children under five years of age. These deaths and disabilities are tragically unnecessary because sepsis is both preventable and treatable. Learn the symptoms of sepsis in children to save a life.

Sepsis is preventable.
Sepsis cannot develop if there is no infection. Washing hands regularly, cleaning even minor wounds and getting routine vaccinations are all effective ways of preventing infections. When they do occur, infections should be diagnosed and treated appropriately under the guidance of a healthcare professional. If you suspect that your child has an infection, seek medical help.

Sepsis is treatable–but you have to act quickly.
Sepsis is treated with antibiotics and fluids but it must be detected and diagnosed early. This is especially true for children. Studies show that every hour delay in treating a child with sepsis increases mortality by 8%. Learn the symptoms of sepsis in children. It can save a child’s life. Click here to share this resource.

Signs of Sepsis Children