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AI Platform can Reduce Sepsis Deaths by 18.2%.
In an extraordinary breakthrough for sepsis care around the world, a new AI platform has been shown to reduce sepsis deaths by 18.2%. To put this figure in perspective, that’s 49,140 lives saved each year.
The software monitors patient data and alerts clinicians when it spots early signs of potential sepsis. END SEPSIS is thrilled to support this exciting new technology and we were asked to respond to its release in STAT News:
“As long as we can identify sepsis early enough, and we can administer antibiotic fluids, the person has a real good shot at surviving…If you treat for sepsis, you’re saving a life and if you don’t treat for sepsis, you’re condemning [a patient] to death.”
Thank you Johns Hopkins University and Bayesian Health for developing this remarkable, lifesaving technology.