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What You Should Know About Strep A Right Now

There are a lot of stories in the media about an invasive form of a streptococcal infection. Thus far it has claimed the lives of eight children in the U.K. The bacteria, known as Group A Strep, is a common cause of sore throats, especially in school-aged children, and is often referred to as “strep throat.” These infections are usually mind, although they can cause painful sore throat and other symptoms. However, the more invasive forms of Group Strep A can have far more serious consequences. It can enter the bloodstream and cause severe infections that can lead to sepsis.

Rory Staunton and Stella Hall both died from Group A Strep. Together, their families made a page on this website to educate parents about the signs of Group A Strep. While Group A Strep is mild in most cases, both families felt something very serious was happening to their children. Both families’ concerns were dismissed by medical professionals. Please remember that Group A Strep is a bacterial infection and antibiotics are needed to fight it. If antibiotics are not immediately prescribed by your doctor, as why. And don’t be afraid to advocate for the health of your child–you know them better than anyone. 

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