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End Sepsis Featured in Northwell Magazine
Northwell Health is New York State’s largest healthcare provider and private employer, with 20+ hospitals, 890+ outpatient facilities, and more than 18,500 affiliated physicians. Every year they care for over two million people in the New York metro area and beyond. In 2012 they were one of the first organizations to reach out to us when Rory died. Under the remarkable leadership of Michael Dowling, Northwell Health stood with us and lead the charge to have Rory’s Regulations adopted in New York State. Northwell Health is considered to be the golden standard for sepsis care. We are proud to continue our work with  Northwell Health, a leader in the sepsis arena, and together we  are saving lives.
Please check out their piece on sepsis from their magazine, Frontiers, where they write about their work in sepsis care and our partnership.
Proud to work with our partner Northwell Health, a leader in the sepsis arena, saving lives every day.