Sepsis Stories
Kelly Wintle died from sepsis.
Kelly Wintle: Died of Sepsis, Age 32

Story told by Kelly’s daughter, Riley.

Mum was sick, horrendously sick in the few days before. She would sleep and sleep, in so much pain that she would tell my brother and me to go do something else, so we couldn’t see her in that state. She went to the doctors twice; they simply told her it was the flu and prescribed antibiotics. However, that same night, she couldn’t breathe. My dad took her to the E.R, where she lay on the floor for five hours. Eventually, they both gave up and came home. Then she felt so ill she couldn’t breathe, again. So, my father called the ambulance.

I used to wake up to sleep with Mum and Dad, so I asked, “Where’s Mum?” He replied, “She will be home soon.” At 7 a.m., we received a knock at the door; she had passed away from sepsis. It was too late— all her organs shut down. This was a result of getting her teeth done; the infection had started a while before, even months. The infection went septic, and no one knew. I wish they had done a blood test.