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Krystal Anderson
Krystal Anderson: Died of Sepsis, Age 40

Krystal Anderson – A Mother Gone Too Soon

Story shared by Krystal’s loving husband, Clayton. 

March 2024, Krystal Anderson was 20 weeks pregnant with her daughter. She had previously lost her first child, James Charles, to stillbirth 15 months earlier and also experienced sepsis following his loss. After being advised to limit her activity following her 20-week appointment to avoid pre-term labor, Krystal began experiencing sharp pains in her back. Heeding her OBGYN’s advice, Krystal and her husband went to the hospital to check on their baby girl and to address Krystal’s dehydration, which can lead to premature contractions.

At 5:30 PM on Saturday evening, the baby girl appeared healthy and active, but there was still concern for Krystal. Consequently, she was admitted for observation until she could be seen by Maternal Fetal Medicine on Monday morning. However, a little before 8 PM Saturday, the nurse had difficulty finding the baby girl’s fetal heart tones. Just three hours after admission, an ultrasound revealed that they had lost their baby girl, Charlotte Willow. While waiting for Krystal to give birth to Charlotte, Krystal unknowingly spiked a fever just before midnight.

By 2 AM, Krystal’s condition had become highly concerning; she had a fever despite being on antibiotics and complained of blurred vision. She was scheduled to have Charlotte evacuated from her womb at 6 AM on Sunday, but she was already experiencing sepsis. Following the procedure, the sepsis rapidly advanced, and Krystal was experiencing organ failure in her liver, kidneys, and lungs. Post-operation Sunday morning, she was admitted to the ICU. Over the next 72 hours, she underwent two more surgeries. Despite initial improvements in her lab values and blood counts on Tuesday, Krystal sadly passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Just five days earlier, Krystal and her husband had been envisioning all the wonderful things their daughter could achieve in her lifetime. By Wednesday, both Krystal and her baby girl, Charlotte Willow, had joined her son, James Charles, in heaven. What was supposed to be one of the most joyful times of Krystal’s life—preparing to bring her baby girl into the world—ended in tragedy, with Krystal losing her life to maternal sepsis.

Krystal Anderson’s life was marked by her vibrant dedication to her passions and her profound love for her family. A mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, she cherished fitness (a former Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader and Yoga Instructor), friendship, and quiet moments at home with her husband and beloved dogs, Sprocket and Louie. Krystal was a beacon of joy and inspiration to all who knew her. Her sudden passing at the age of 40 from maternal sepsis, mere days after the tragic stillbirth of her daughter Charlotte Willow, left a community in mourning and a family without its cornerstone, serving as a stark reminder of how swift and devastating sepsis can be.