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Several weeks ago, we posted an article about a new AI-enabled early-warning system, that has been shown to identify 82% of sepsis cases and reduce mortality by 18.2%. The exciting new technology was developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. We were asked us to share our experiences and perspectives in a new profile of […]

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Antibiotic resistance and sepsis

Antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic resistance are hot topics these days. Most people don’t know exactly what these terms mean and how they relate to sepsis.  Antimicrobial resistance or antibiotic resistance happens when germs develop the capability to defeat drugs that have been designed to kill them. When this happens, germs continue to grow. Antibiotic resistance […]

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To mark Sepsis Awareness Month 2022, we created a new video featuring the faces and voices of those tragically impacted by sepsis. We invite you to watch and share–and please, learn the signs of sepsis. It could save a life. You can view other videos in our collection here. And find more resources to share […]

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Senator Schumer has addressed sepsis on the floor of the U.S. Senate & proclaimed September 13th National Sepsis Day: “It’s time we take this disease seriously at the federal level” Today marks an historic moment for our movement to transform the national approach to sepsis and end preventable deaths. Just a few hours ago, on […]

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We have some exciting news! September is Sepsis Awareness Month and September 13th is World Sepsis Day. This year, the Global Sepsis Alliance, the international body that unifies more than 100 organizations worldwide invested in the fight against sepsis, and Sepsis Stiftung will be hosting a unique event celebrating a decade of World Sepsis Day. The event will […]

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