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Do you know the difference between sepsis and flu?

It’s a parent’s nightmare – your child is very sick but even if you’ve been to see the doctor or to the hospital with them, they don’t seem to be getting better, and now that you know about sepsis you wonder if it is the flu or if it is sepsis… Sepsis or Flu? How […]

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Half a million Americans develop C. Diff each year, and recently, C. Diff infections have become more frequent, severe, and difficult to treat. With hospitalizations, mortality, and recurrent C. Diff infections on the rise, it’s time to have more conversations about this condition and how it can lead to Sepsis. Diff, also known as Clostridioides […]

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Jim Dwyer

Jim Dwyer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning veteran reporter, author and columnist for The NewYork Times died on Thursday, October 8th, we got the news of his death as we began our Annual Sepsis Forum that Jim had attended many times. He is pictured below at our Forum in Washington several years ago. Jim Dwyer covered many […]

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On Thursday, October 6th, 2020, leading public health experts will share their ideas on how we can do better in the fight against sepsis. The virtual 2020 National Forum on Sepsis will ask pressing questions about the future of sepsis care and prevention: How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact our approach to the prevention and […]

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We want to be brave and start a conversation that matters about death and serious illness from Sepsis. Sepsis can start from any infection and is a very silent killer. It is so heartbreaking because as the person infected gets much sicker the person gets quieter. It is the greatest killer of children in the […]

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