10 Years Without Rory
Rory Staunton as a toddler Christmastime

  I live in dread of meeting a little boy wearing a red hat at Christmas time. It’s him, my breaking heart whispers. Of course, it’s not him, but nonetheless, the memories rush back of Rory’s enormous smile, his upturned face, his chit-chat. A little red hat sitting atop a super lovable little boy, a boy who […]

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On September 13th–World Sepsis Day–the END SEPSIS 2023 National Forum on Sepsis was held in Washington DC. It was a phenomenal success! The event was live streamed globally, reaching viewers in more than 35 countries. Here’s the event recap. Leading figures in sepsis, including policymakers, clinicians, scholars, hospital executives, private sector innovators, journalists and patient […]

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Tara Cirella holding legislation with Gianna Cirella's face

Six years ago today, the world lost Gianna Cirella. She was 16 years old and she lost her life to sepsis. You can read Gianna’s story here. Through their grief and anguish, Gianna’s parents, Tara and Stanley “Skip” Cirella, vowed to make a difference and to ensure that no other child would die a needless death […]

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On April 01, 2012, our lives changed forever. The door of the waiting room opened at the New York hospital where we had taken our son three evenings before. The doctor who had been at Rory’s bedside for those three long days and nights told us that he was sorry, but Rory was dead. There […]

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CDC Director Talks about Sepsis

In her first major initiative rollout as the Director of the CDC, Dr. Mandy Cohen released the CDC’s  Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements today. These guidelines offer a detailed roadmap for hospitals to follow to reduce deaths from sepsis in their facilities. We have been working tirelessly for 10 years in honor of Rory, to […]

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