There’s a Spike in Strep – and a Shortage of Antibiotics

In an opinion piece today in the Boston Globe, Ann MacDonald writes that the Rhode Island sepsis regulations, passed in June 2023 and going into effect this month, will save lives. MacDonald, whose mother died in a Providence hospital, shares her own experience and examines the Rhode Island protocols put into place after the relentless […]

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Sepsis Core Elements Webinars Available

The CDC’s recent release of their Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements is a game-changer for healthcare facilities. This comprehensive framework provides a clear roadmap for implementing, monitoring, and optimizing hospital sepsis programs, ultimately improving patient outcomes and saving lives. In collaboration with the American Medical Association, the CDC hosted a 5-part webinar series packed with […]

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Picture of 16 Year Old Cheerleader

  As the familiar chill of winter settles in, so does the annual flu season. Influenza, or the flu, is a viral infection that attacks the nose, the lungs and the throat. While most cases of flu can be treated at home, flu can sometimes lead to life-threatening complications. One of the flu’s  most serious […]

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We are proud to have our work and Rory’s story featured in the New York Times article C.D.C. Sets New Standards for Hospitals to Combat Sepsis. From the article: “Rory’s mother, Ms. Staunton, who started a foundation to combat sepsis with her husband, Ciaran Staunton, acknowledged the federal guidance didn’t go as far as the state […]

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Rory Staunton as a toddler Christmastime

  I live in dread of meeting a little boy wearing a red hat at Christmas time. It’s him, my breaking heart whispers. Of course, it’s not him, but nonetheless, the memories rush back of Rory’s enormous smile, his upturned face, his chit-chat. A little red hat sitting atop a super lovable little boy, a boy who […]

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