April Chavez Survived Maternal Sepsis – Barely

April Chavez survived maternal sepsis following the birth of her son, Cruz. In her own words, “The very first time I ever heard the word sepsis was just over three years ago as I came out of a medically induced coma… After the birth of my son, I began to feel terrible. I complained to […]

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Maternal Mortality

The appalling rate of maternal death in the United States and its disproportionate impact on women of color is once again making headlines – a woman dies every 12 hours from pregnancy-related complications and two-thirds of those deaths are preventable. As the third leading cause of maternal death, maternal sepsis is very much part of […]

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COVID-19 vaccine

Although sepsis is most often caused by a bacterial infection, COVID-19, a viral infection, can and does cause sepsis.  Vaccination is critical to preventing the deaths and severe disabilities that can result from sepsis. Dying from septic shock is a hard, painful death, just as dying from COVID-19 is. The opportunity to be vaccinated when […]

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The Kely Gang

We have great news to share! The Kelly Gang (a collection of socially conscious individuals–all with the last name Kelly, including such famous names as Ray, Megyn, Greg, Keith) have raised $65,000 for END SEPSIS, the Legacy of Rory Staunton. We were thrilled in March when the famous Gang selected us as the beneficiary of […]

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On October 8th we held a resoundingly informative 6th National Forum on Sepsis. This year our Forum was held remotely and succeeded in attracting a large national and international  audience who heard from three expert panels about Sepsis and COVID-19. Head over to our Forum event page for information on the sessions and speakers to […]

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