A Roadmap for Success: NYS Sepsis Regulations

A report published recently in Critical Care Explorations examines the policy-making process undertaken by New York State to institute mandatory sepsis protocols, called Rory’s Regulations, in 2013. The goal of the authors’ work was to create a roadmap for policymakers in other states considering similar regulations: “We identified factors that distinguish the New York sepsis […]

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Please give my child antibiotics when you think a child has a stomach virus, but you’re not sure. Please, please, give my child antibiotics when you see the symptoms of sepsis and you’re thinking, maybe? Just do the blood cultures and prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics for 48 hours so they will live!  You see doctor, our […]

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When Rory and Kathleen were little, Halloween was an enormous treat for the whole family-it was a break from the school schedule, a time to be with neighborhood friends, and a moment to look into my children’s eyes and see all the merriment. It was pure pleasure. Now, my heart is more fragile at Halloween, […]

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The flu season is upon us and evidence suggests that this season could be severe. According to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, after two winters spent masked and in lockdown, the population’s immunity may be lower. Together with the opening of schools and workplaces, the population may be at increased risk of disease, potentially straining hospital resources […]

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Last week, news broke that former President Bill Clinton had been hospitalized with sepsis. In the immediate aftermath of this report, incorrect information about sepsis circulated in the media. To correct this and help those unfamiliar with the condition understand more about sepsis, which claims 275,000 lives each year in the United States, we talked […]

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