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Following intense lobbying by us we are pleased to see that CDC launched a new sepsis awareness section on its website this week. Thank you, Dr. Frieden, for keeping your promise to us. We have always said knowledge is power and by CDC taking a leadership role, we can save thousands of lives. See his […]

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When our son Rory Staunton died, we learned that several institutions had let us down. One institution was the pediatric Emergency Room he attended. The staff there didn’t recognize the symptoms of sepsis; we now have regulations in place in New York that will force medical staff to “think” sepsis. However, even if medical staff […]

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Dear Doctor, Please give my child antibiotics. No, I don’t mean give my child antibiotics every time we visit. Please give my child antibiotics when you see something different in what may appear to be ordinary. Please give my child antibiotics when you know the symptoms of sepsis and you’re thinking, maybe? Just do the […]

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On March 29, 2012 we brought our sick 12 year old son, Rory to our pediatrician, Dr. Susan Levitzky. We learned many troubling things that night, one being that many doctors do not know the signs or do not “think” sepsis. Rory was a red light for sepsis that night but Dr. Susan Levitzky did […]

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Dr. Thomas Frieden, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote of The Rory Staunton Foundation on February 21, 2014: “We applaud you for your leadership in and advocacy for sepsis prevention. Your strength and determination in turning the tragic loss of Rory into something that will help many others is inspiring.” […]

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