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Tomorrow on World Sepsis Day, the world will get loud and explode with lifesaving messages about sepsis. Our beautiful son Rory died on April 1, 2012-five months before the first World Sepsis Day. When he died sepsis was killing over 250,000 Americans annually, mutilating thousands of others. The world was largely silent about sepsis at […]

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A report published yesterday in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association confirms for the first time that New York’s mandatory sepsis regulations are directly responsible for the significant decline in sepsis deaths in the state. After comparing sepsis admission records from New York State and four control states, the researchers found that sepsis mortality rates […]

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A new study published in the Journal of Health Affairs shows more patients are receiving timely sepsis interventions in New York State, resulting in lowered mortality rates–but uncovers concerning racial disparities in quality of care. READ THE FULL STORY IN MIRAGE NEWS: New research found that hospitals with more black patients saw much smaller increases […]

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There are bad days and there are better days and there are days when I plead​ to God to give me a break when memories are

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