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We honor all survivors of Sepsis. Cheryl Douglas is one such survivor. Cheryl became ill in 2008 and she shares her story in order to create awareness and save lives from sepsis. In 2008 Cheryl thought she was coming down with something, like a flu. Her last memory was walking through the front door of […]

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WHO Sepsis Report

Sepsis is the cause of 1 in 5 deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization’s first global report on sepsis, published in September 2020. Sepsis occurs in response to an infection. If sepsis is left untreated it can result in septic shock, multiple organ failure and death. Patients who are very ill with COVID-19 […]

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Are you or any of your family and friends pregnant or thinking about having a baby? The CDC have compiled 10 Tips for Preventing Infections Before and During Pregnancy. Infections before and during pregnancy can hurt your developing fetus and you. The tips include: Washing your hands with soap and water not touching dirty cat […]

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Larry King Sepsis

Larry King, world-famous television and radio broadcaster died from sepsis. His widow, Shawn Southwick King, has revealed that King died from a sepsis infection that was unrelated to his COVID-19 diagnosis. Earlier, it was thought that Larry had died from COVID-19 “It was an infection, it was sepsis,” Shawn King said. “He was finally ready […]

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We are pleased to announce that END SEPSIS has formally partnered with two excellent organizations whose missions align closely with our own. Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine The first is the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM). Working in partnership with patients, families and the healthcare community, SIDM works to address the problem […]

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